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Zonta International - District 4
Contract Web Developer

Currently, I am providing WordPress web site support to a the following District 4 Zonta Clubs. Part of that support is to train at least one of club member in each club on how to update their own web site.



Milk & Pizza Distribution Program
Local Hamilton Elementary School

To help parent volunteers look after their school's milk and pizza program, I created a web based distribution program. The system records the milk and pizza orders for the students and creates class distribution lists to use. The system also generates order requirements lists for the dairy and the pizza vendor.

Due to the private nature of this project I cannot provide any links.

Welcome Inn Community Centre
Content Management System

Welcome Inn Community Centre is a non-profit organization in the North-end of Hamilton. I developed a content management system to allow them to maintain the content of their main website, and that of their thrifty store, New Horizons. The content management system was design to be simple and easy to use.

Welcome Inn Community Centre

Anissa's Chicken Centre
Web Design and CMS

I designed the site and logo. The site is a single page design with the middle portion of the site editable by a content managaement system I designed.


Anissa's Chicken Centre, Farmers Market Hamilton

Truck Town Terminals
Web Design and CMS

I designed the site and built a simple content management system to go with it. The site is a responsive designed to allow easy viewing of the site from a smart phone.


Truck Town Terminals, Milton

Three Point Turn
CSS animation

The background animations of the main page (the wind turbines, the satellite and the lightbulbs smoke) are done in CSS coding that I was contracted to do for them. I have worked as a contract developer on other project for them, but I like this one the best.


Three Point Turn , Toronto

Scoring code

I worked on this project with two other consultants. They created the content; I coded the scoring scripts based on their requirements for the seven sections of the organizational health checkup tool.


IFEX Organizational Health Checkup Tool

Questions & Contact

If you have any questions about my portfolio, please feel free to contact me.



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